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CCS Commercial Retail Supermarket

Key trades that CCS offers to retail clientele include:

  • Network Infrastructure
  • IT Services & Support
  • Data Security & Retention
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Secure Credential Badging and Identity Solutions
  • Secure Admin/Guest WiFi Access (w/POS & HMS/PMS Ticketing Integration)
  • Back Of House Systems Migration/Installation
  • Building & Lighting Automation
  • Audio & Video Systems
  • POS and PMS Systems Integration
  • Communications/Telephone Connectivity
  • Structured Wiring
  • Wireless Deployments
  • Training/Service/Support

Structured Wiring
Figure 8Since everything under the sun has gone the way of digital and IP, data cabling, like Cat5 and Cat6, have become the standard across many different trades.  CCS has extensive experience working with data cabling in a manner that will leave your company not only running smoothly, but will also keep it secure.  You can trust CCS to competently and comprehensively achieve structured wiring for your facilities so that you can better manage your business, no matter what the trade.

We take a very detailed and methodical approach to each and every security, voice, data, audio, and video end point we depict on plan drawings.  After rough wiring, we terminate and trim every wire to exacting specifications so that during test and turn up, all circuits are operating to their full capacity.  “Termination” is a fancy word for putting the connector at the end of the cable, and “Trim” involves ensuring the overall appearance of the termination is presentable and clean.  After the termination and trim, we test and certify every cable run, verifying the speed to exacting specifications.  Every task carried out during our Structured Wiring projects is supervised and managed by one of our seasoned Project Managers, ensuring that every detail and step taken is evaluated and functions according to best practices.Structured Wiring

Data Security
It is increasingly important to stay at the cutting edge of data and network security.  Cloud applications have been increasingly popular.  With this trend, we are faced with security measures needing to be in place that can transmit and store information in a secure and efficient manner.

We work to put as many security layers and checkpoints in place to help verify the integrity of data and track the history of data.  We are skilled in deploying systems that can alert and notify security personnel of files that have been moved, copied, or tampered with in any way.

Data Rollout 2As the world becomes more and more data centric, the necessity of data security increases.  Mitigating risk is a challenge and requires us to act a step beyond safeguards.  We train your staff on areas that should be key focus points.  These may vary from business to business, however the core fundamentals always remain the same.  Data theft is data theft.  Everyone has something of value to someone else.  Using only the latest and most cutting edge products ensures that the measures we take are the best possible option available

Data Rollouts
Data rollouts are the installation, configuration, and testing of network equipment in a facility.  This often times involves the data ‘handoff’ from the service provider- whether it be fiber, cable, T1/T3, broadband, or another form of internet service provider (ISP).  We work hands-on with your service provider to ensure that the job is completed properly.  Oftentimes, this is done in conjunction with the voice handoff, and we’ve got you covered there too.  We plan every step of the way- including the configuration of devices – your printers, workstations, servers, cameras and more – documenting and detailing every route, access point, device, and purpose within the network.

CCS Commercial Gaming Hotel Cloud ServerOnce the handoff has been completed, it’s up to our technicians to configure and set up the network equipment.  This includes routers, switches, access points, firewalls, and other network-based hardware that provide the means of a solid infrastructure.  The rollouts that CCS handles cover everything from small business to enterprise, requiring our technicians to specialize in a broad range of products.  We maintain a solid lineup of all-star technicians, who are always available to take on any challenge.

IP Video Surveillance has become quite popular in the last several years.  Although the benefits of network video are far better than that of analog video, it brings with it a complex set of requirements that must be met in order to properly deploy a digital video surveillance system and experience it hassle-free.  The most important requirement is a strong network backbone, which consists of reliable equipment, built for consistent heavy network traffic.  There also needs to be proper configuration to allow load balancing across all network devices, especially recording and storage devices.  Rest assured, our team has successfully managed IP and analog deployments with hundreds- sometimes thousands of cameras in single system without breaking a sweat.

Audio/Video Services
Distributed Audio/Video is a unique industry that is changing every day. These systems typically employ more than one HD monitor, or TV, however we then multiply it over amount of displays necessary.  Using a Matrix Switch, we can add multiple sources (DirecTV, Call Board, Digital Sign, etc.) to a Distributed Video system, and allow your employees easily manage what display is showing what source, at any given time.  More complex systems are able to be controlled from a map interface, allowing users to easily identify which display they are controlling just by glancing at an on-screen map.  Distributed video systems can be tied into building automation systems which allows displays to be shut down as areas of a facility are shut down.

Corporate 04A very popular and useful tool in the Corporate A/V industry is video conferencing solutions.  These effective technologies can result in a huge cost savings from reduced travel expenses.  These systems require the proper network backbone in order to provide a useful and productive experience.  Providing corporations and growing businesses with video conferencing networks is just one way that CCS helps you to conveniently connect with your world.  CCS specializes in not only the A/V portion of the video conferencing, but also in the network, security, and communications aspects of the install, providing a single point of contact for your leadership team that is both easy to manage, and easy to work with.

Surveillance & Loss Prevention
A crucial aspect of the retail industry is loss prevention. With advances in technology and new, exciting options in video analytics, the hard work is left to enterprise computing systems tied into advanced surveillance.  An example of this useful technology is Dwell Time, a video analytic that has proven to be a great asset to retail establishments. Dwell Time notifies operators of individuals loitering in an area for a prolonged period of time.   Most often, individuals exhibiting this behavior are attempting to shoplift, and can also indicate when an individual is opening a package or sabotaging loss prevention devices.  By enabling a dwell time analytic, loss prevention agents can quickly respond to alerts of possible loss prevention issues.  This type of proactive monitoring helps your team be more successful, keeps your inventory safe, and is one of the many solutions CCS offers to clients.

“Heat Mapping” surveillance systems (shown below) are another example of loss prevention technology. This tracking device runs around the clock to depict which areas of your store receive the most foot traffic. With this technology, your loss prevention team can proactively monitor those areas of high importance. Additionally, this technology is also an asset to your marketing team, informing them as to which items on the shelves are getting the most attention.  Retail establishments are able to accurately depict what areas of their stores need to have better promotions and more store associates nearby to answer questions and help customers.

Heat Mapping Surveillance Systems help you to easily discern which items are of interest on your sales floor.

CCS also offers secure, offsite video monitoring for clients that demand the utmost situational awareness.  CCS has aided in the deployment of large central station command centers, with the expertise of high bandwidth devices such as megapixel cameras.  One of the key issues to offsite monitoring is the amount of bandwidth required at both the send and receive locations.  New technologies have emerged that allow this video footage to be compressed into a much smaller pipe, allowing the expansion of megapixel in a distributed fashion.  When paired with advanced video analytics, large camera arrays- say in a city or corporate environment, can monitor as many as 500 cameras with as little as a few people.  As technology grows, so do the advanced capabilities of these physical security systems, providing a greater return on your investment over the long term period.

CCS Commercial Retail EscalatorCase management is crucial when managing hundreds, sometimes thousands of store locations.  Many larger retailers have been merging to cloud-based surveillance monitoring over the last decade.  This allows managers to decrease the amount of deployed surveillance operators at each location, which can be very costly, and, instead, deploy only the best in a control room atmosphere, responding to analytic alerts and issues as they arise and reporting them to store location security officers.  One of the big feats that must be overcome in this type of deployment is case management.  This is a customized approach combining all important topics into a case file, making everything easier to manage and helping you to run your retail establishments more efficiently.

Digital Signage & Advertising
Digital Signage 02

Digital signage technology is a quick and effective means of displaying attention-getting visuals, delivering an effective medium for advertising, information services, and entertainment.  Whether aiming to productively market to potential clients, or successfully distribute educational information, CCS works with you to plan, design, and implement a dynamic digital signage system that delivers a lasting impression.  The POS systems that CCS provides can seamlessly tie into register and wall mounted Digital Signage feeds, allowing daily specials and menu changes to be reflected across all platforms simultaneously.

Digital Signage Services encompass a number of different trades, from the installation & integration of the display system, the design and the application of the content, and management of a comprehensive digital project.  It isn’t always easy to manage 43 HD Video Feeds, but we have created and patented a software solution that allows any job to be customized.  Our Software Design Team effectively and efficiently brings your vision to reality with Full-Service Design Packages that help you to create a logo, slogan, and an overall professional look.

Point Of Sale
Point of Sale systems come in a variety of different forms and solution sets.  For retail, the POS system represents a unified approach to inventory and sale management- across several platforms, and typically nation or region-wide.  Having a POS system that can meet or exceed demands is a tricky challenge.  As the needs of the consumer grow, the cost of these systems can increase.  CCS works hard with POS vendors such as IBM, NEC, Fujitsu, and Micros, to provide a truly unique and customized approach to how the point of sale interaction is perceived.

Much of what goes into a stable and solid Point of Sale system is in the back end database management.  Approximately 70% of transactions are sales, but 30% are returns.  Being able to offer the consumer a convenient way to return their merchandise at any store is becoming much more of a requirement for big box chains.  However, it’s not always an easy job to integrate a large footprint of stores together so that the level of communication is seamless.  CCS designs all data and POS systems from the ground up- looking at eveeryting from service provider availability, to site-to-site secure connection deployments (SSL VPN).

One form of integration that we at CCS find ourselves carrying out on a regular basis is the correltation of data between POS systems and surveillance systems.  Using different forms of interfaces, POS systems can now be monitored through a variety of ways.  POS terminals can simply overlay printer data on top of an existing camera, giving a real time read out of what is being rung up and more importantly, what is not.  An elevated form of this interfacing is the ability to record or capture the screen of the POS terminal as an additional camera feed.  What this allows investigators to accomplish is side by side comparisons of physical security and transactional evidence.

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